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The Story of Artisan Gallery Framers


For as long as I can remember, photography has been a huge part of my life. Between my father and grandfather, both photographers, someone was always snapping a picture. My sister and I have almost every moment of our childhood documented, and we look back at those photos regularly.

My grandfather was a photographer for the New York Times for over 50 years. He captured many historical moments and even had a Pulitzer nomination. My father followed in his footsteps, photographing for the Times and moving on to other facets of the industry. You could say that photography being a huge part of my life was pretty much a guarantee.


When I was a kid I remember walking into printing shops in NYC holding my father's hand smelling the distinct aroma of printing solution. I can vividly see the man at the counter printing my father’s photographs. If I ever smelled that solution again, I could be instantly transported right back to that shop. As years passed, my father continued taking photos of me. Obviously as a teenager, I was super self-conscious and remember hiding every time a camera came out.

Today, in my adult life, I’ve circled back to truly appreciating photography. I view photographs as a snapshot in time; A frozen moment you can see that speaks volumes.

I have these three amazing photos my mom took of my great grandmother in their backyard. She was wearing these cat-eyed glasses, posing and adjusting them. She seemed like she was having fun. Every time I look at those pictures, they make me smile because I feel like I know her in that moment. Although I never met her, I see her playfulness. Those three pictures are frozen moments that speak volumes about who my grandmother was and without them, I might not have ever formed an idea of what she was like.

Capturing moments in a photograph causes a memory to live on. It gives you the ability to recall the time, place, feeling, and even smell in the forefront of your mind. This is really important to me now, and I try and do my best to never avoid taking or being in a photograph. I want to be able to look back on those moments with my husband, a photographer as well, and our future children and say, “Remember that? That was such a fantastic day.”


My love and passion for photography is fulfilled in what I do today because framing, displaying, and conserving photos contributes to preserving those special moments.

Photos and photo albums are wonderful, but if a photo is really important to you, it should be appreciated every day, hanging up in your space where you live. I truly believe your home and space should be a sanctuary. You should be able to walk into your home or business and have it be a calming place filled with things that make you happy. Having beautiful artwork, personal photos, professional photos, or pieces that mean something to you framed and hanging on your walls creates that beauty.

My appreciation and understanding of how meaningful photography is makes this business unbelievably important to me. My love for photos makes me a great framer who can highlight and enhance the beauty of someone else’s work. I think that’s where this passion stems from and why I love it so much.


I went to school and received a bachelors degree in psychology. After completion, I decided to take the GRE's to pursue grad school. I remember sitting in the testing room, starting at the screen thinking "What am I doing here? I don't want to be doing this. I don't want to be going to grad school, and I definitely don't want to be taking this test."

I finished the test as quickly as possible and left the testing site in tears. My mom picked me up and could see I was upset. For the next few hours, we sat in the car discussing my future. When I decided to get my degree, I was entertaining a pottery business that wasn't making enough money. I felt like I couldn't explain that I wanted to try another business because what if that didn't work out either?

My mother and I had a heart-to-heart talk, and I explained my concern for trying another business. We came to the conclusion that I would figure something else out and give it a shot. Fate had it that my dad had some of his photo's framed and came home and said to me, "What about framing?" It seemed like a passing comment, but it set off the spark of excitement in me.

Having always been surrounded by photographers, my passion for it was already deeply rooted, but I never felt the pull to become one. When my dad came home suggesting framing, it set off a lightbulb in my head. What if I could take my passion and appreciation for photography and turn it into a business to preserve them?

It seemed like fate, so I found a framing school and enrolled. I loved it automatically. I've always loved clean lines and symmetry so the precision of framing really resonated. I finished the course and wanted to start my business right away.

My initial idea was to get a storefront, but it was taking time to find the right one. I wanted to start framing, so I decided to put my frame samples on boards and take them "on the road." I put about 100 samples in a suitcase, along with some mat and glass options. I started going to friends and families homes with my samples and after a while realized I didn't really need a storefront after all. I saw that it was more convenient for me to go to my clients because in their home we could pick the frames that would compliment their interior design. Instead of having to guess at the frame shop, my concierge business takes the risk and hassle out of framing. My clients no longer have to spend money on a frame that ends up not matching their home or business space. By coming into a client's home or business, I can see exactly what the aesthetic is firsthand, and match the samples to integrate with the design you already have.

Concierge conservation framing and concierge gallery design isn't just what I do, it's who I am. Because of my roots and passion for photography, helping clients conserve and display their favorite memories is a true joy.

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