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I will only have my work and personal art collection framed and cared for by Jess Hausner, the heart and soul behind Artisan Gallery Framers.
As an artist, I value her knowledgeable opinions and she always helps me make informed choices for each piece based both on my budget and the longevity of each work.

From paintings to C- prints, Jess has helped me complete my collection one piece at a time. With such expertise that will come to your home, why go anywhere else?

Whether you need a museum quality frame or just to preserve an old family photo, Jess’ personal attention and care for each item is unmatched.

Victoria Will – Photographer

Artisan Gallery Framers and Jessy have been terrific to work with. Their work is always done quickly and professionally and payment option over PayPal is very convenient.

I have a couple of pieces from Jessy in my home and would not hesitate to recommend their work to friends or colleagues whether in the photo industry or not.

They are always my go-to framers when I have a piece of art that I know is going to be displayed prominently and kept for years to come.

Travis Lindquist – Director of Photography, Sports, Getty Images

 With Artisan Gallery Framers, I have a smart, talented collaborator who is as deft at managing personalities as she is designing and implementing solutions. Also, there are only beautiful design surprises. Jessy researches options, lays them out clearly and does what she says she’ll do. Any changes to a plan are better solutions she guides me towards.

Melinda Anderson – Writer/Editor and Author

When I use Artisan Gallery Framers, Jessy helps me select the right frame using her great creative design style and she handles my artwork as if it were her own. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

I like working with Artisan Gallery Framers because Jessy creates an experience of service far beyond just framing. She cares about the art as well as the personal experience. She goes out of her way to bring samples, see the environment it will be viewed, and is flexible for pickup and drop off.

Michelle Brady – Associate Director of Photography Services at Splashlight Studios NYC

I like that Artisan Gallery Framers provides a faster turnaround and a more personal experience compared to other companies I’ve used.

Tim Smith – Photographer NYC area

Artisan Gallery Framers is great at what they do and they are very knowledgeable; They do a stellar job matting and framing.

Lauren Steel – Managing Editor for Verbatim by Getty Images at Getty Images

Jessy is clear in setting expectations: will it take a little bit? Did something unforeseen happen? What will it cost? She remembers my preferences and previous choices. I can say “like last time” or ask you if something would work with the previous work you’ve done for me. All of this comes down to me feeling like you WANT to be in the business of SERVING my needs around framing artwork.

Andreas Gebhard – Director of Content Development at Getty Images

After 10 years of holding on to a very large and one of a kind photograph brought over from the old country, I could never leave the photograph to be framed anywhere. Jessica picked up my photograph, helped me select the perfect frame, matting, etc and then delivered my photograph framed like only an artistic touch could achieve.


I would highly recommend Jessica for any framing projects you might need. She is professional, reasonably priced and deeply cares about every piece she frames. I’m now on my third framing project by Jessica!

Rosella Virdó – Director, Social Media Marketing at Lodging Interactive

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